Blaq Masterclass




Ready to EXPLODE your business revenue like fireworks on 4th of July?
Join us for this FREE 3 part webinar that will teach you the exact steps I used to QUIT my job and generate over 600k in my business LAST YEAR!
We will review: 
Tuesday 6/27 7pm CST
Build: The formula you need to get your business built and generating money fast
Thursday 6/29 7pm CST
Launch: The tools you need to get your product or service in front of the masses so that you can QUIT
Monday 7/3 7pm CST
Quit: The revenue generating tools you need to help you
QUIT your job if you are an employee
Quit being broke if you are an entrepreneur
This webinar is for you whether you
have an idea but havent started 
have started but not making enough money 
making some money but want to explode your earnings
Can’t attend live? 
These replays will be made avalible to you for FREE ONLY to those who register NOW!
Please note: Those who do not register can still PURCHASE this set of recorded videos for $99 each or $297 for the set on my website after the event.
What are you waiting for? 
Your INDEPENDENCE is waiting for you!
* All Cash Crew,  Current Coaching clients & Mentee will receive AUTOMATIC COURTESY ENTRY INSTANTLY! NO NEED TO REGESITER! *


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