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In my 7 years of building a 7 figure brand online I had no clue it would take so long, or that I would have to spend SO much money figuring out the RIGHT way.

But I can tell you that the money and the freedom that I receive online make it all worth it.

Now I want to offer YOU a chance, to cut through the crap and get STRAIGHT to what is important when it comes to building a business online.

The Money.

As an online profit building expert I have coached thousands of individuals just like you into living their best life by creating and running a business that they love…online.

And NOW I want to offer you that same opportunity at a fraction of the price. Ask ANY of my clients and they will tell you that they GLADLY paid FAR more than prices listed here for my programs…and would do it again.

As a result of these programs, my clients have been able to:

Turn their SIDE hustle into REAL online income

Create REAL income so that they can RETIRE early from their jobs

Quit their jobs and stay at home to raise their kids while running an online brand

Stop working in a brick and mortar and bring their business online

Work from WHEREVER they want in the world

Do what they love EVERY day without leaving the house and/or sitting in traffic

Build a FAMILY business

Quit their BOSS and become the BOSS

This is the BEST of everything you need to start BUILDING an ONLINE BRAND that will free you!

And don’t worry. You even get a profit jumpstart call with me to get you headed in the right direction in putting all of this into practice!

You may be saying how can I afford $999 right now. The bigger question is how can you afford NOT to.

Well Over $15,000 worth of the BEST Coaching on the planet,YOURS for only $999

Regardless as to if you have a business that is NOT making money or if you are just getting started this BLUEPRINT business bundle will help you get the MONEY you need by helping you build your BRAND, Social Media, Marketing Skills and Profit Planning.

But Oh there is SO much more!

You Get:

Profit Planning JumpStart Call with Online Profit Building Expert Dawniel Winningham

Valued at $1500



Monetize Everything

Valued at $1100

100 Ways to Make Money

Valued at $299


Plan to Profit – A 12 month Guide to getting YOUR business money right.

Contains Video and in depth instructions on forecasting your yearly, monthly and daily profits.

Valued at $999


Business Assessment Workshop – How to make the Money Thing the Main Thing in business.

Contains video and business Questionnaire Do you even know WHY your business is not making money? Tired of being busy just to be busy? This business self-assessment is for you!

Valued at $299


Create More Products

9 Steps to Write Your Book Fast

Valued at $499


High Ticket Product Creation

Valued at $499


The Money Scale – Want MORE money in your business. Create MORE product!

Contains Video and tips on creating OVER 30 products to expend the revenue in your business.

Valued at $999


Build your BRAND on Social Media and get more followers that PAY

Facebook Facelift

Valued at $299

Facebook Masterclass

Valued at $299

LinkedIn Masterclass

Valued at $299


Live Stream Lifestyle

Valued at $999


Social Media Marketing Mojo – The 12 Month guide on mastering social media through consistency.

These 12 videos and 12 month planning guide give you the goods so that you NEVER have to struggle with creating content on social media again; and consistency = cash!

Valued at $999


Marketing Messages that Make Money

Valued at $999

Verbal Marketing

Email Marketing

Landing Page Marketing

Website Marketing

Social Media Marketing


List Building

Build your Email List

Valued at $299

Build your Text List

Valued at $299



Life Coaching Boot Camp

Valued at $999


Business Coaching Boot Camp

Valued at $999



Build your Speaking Brand

Valued at $999

Million Dollar Publicity

Valued at $299


Build your Team and Network

Dream Team Masterclass – How to BUILD the right team to move YOUR business forward.

Contains 2 videos AND  tips on WHO to hire and HOW to even get FREE and low costs help for your business.

Valued at $299

Networked – How to USE the internet and social media to build your NETWORK.

Contains video and how to build a 7 figure network both online and off!

Valued at $299


Super Sales – Improve YOUR sales or build a SALES TEAM

Contains Video and tips on selling as well as creating YOUR OWN sales team for those of you scared of sales.

Valued at $299


Manage your TIME and your MIND

Fight Fear and WIN – FEAR is the ultimate THIEF when it comes to living your best life. Stop it NOW!

Contains video and journal exercises to help you get to the ROOT of your fear and cut it out!

Valued at $299


Get the F out and Show the F up – The ultimate time management guide for busy women

Contains Video and tips on balancing your TIME so that you can have a business AND a life!

Valued at $299


Missing this opportunity may VERY WELL mean you will NEVER have a chance to receive THIS coaching package at THIS price ever again.

Not only will you miss the price, you will MISS the freedom that my clients enjoy when they put these money-making strategies to use.

Before you miss out think of how much you are willing to invest to change your life. If this is too much for you then do you actually want to change your future? Change what’s possible for you? For your kids?

Act Fast Bonus

ACT NOW and receive Virtual VIP ACCESS to the 2019 Marketing and Profit Planning Session LIFE in Atlanta November 29th and 30th.


Due to the nature of this bundle I am ONLY offering 100 of these at this price.


I only have time for 100 profit jumpstart calls before we launch full scale into 2019. Even though we may continue to sell the bundles beyond the first 100, we cannot guarantee that if you don’t Get yours NOW we will still be offering the call. If you see the call on the offer page it is still available.

Not sure if this package is the RIGHT fit for you?

Click HERE to schedule a call with someone on our team to discuss your business and how this package would answer your needs. Serious inquiries only. This is not a call to discuss how youWISH you could afford it. WE understand if this is not the right time for you right now and are looking forward to your business later.

This is ONLY for the people that are really ready.

Because we have a PROVEN track record of success with EACHone of these products are implementing a no refund policy. Thousands have used this material to build businesses, Write books and grow their social media beyond their wildest dreams. They are FREE and you can be too.



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