Business Bundle


Online Business Bundle

You get:

  • Fight Fear and WIN $999.00
  • Social Media Marketing Mojo $999.00
  • Super Sales Workshop $299.00
  • The Money Scale $299.00
  • Plan to Profit $299.00
  • Get the F Out $299.00
  • Networked $299.00
  • Business Assessment Workshop $299.00
  • The Dream Team $299.00



Dream Team Masterclass – How to BUILD the right team to move YOUR business forward.

Contains 2 videos AND tips on WHO to hire and HOW to even get FREE and low costs help for your business.

Business Assessment Workshop – How to make the MAIN THING the MAIN THING in business.

Contains video and business Questionnaire Do you even know WHY your business is not making money? Tired of being busy just to be busy? This business self-assessment is for you!

Networked – How to USE the internet and social media to build your NETWORK.

Contains video and how to build a 7 figure network both online and off!

Get the F out and Show the F up – The ultimate time management guide for busy women

Contains Video and tips on balancing your TIME so that you can have a business AND a life!

Plan to Profit – A 12 month GUIDE to getting YOUR business money right.

Contains Video and in depth instructions on forecasting your yearly, monthly and daily profits.

The Money Scale – Want MORE money in your business. Create MORE product!

Contains Video and tips on creating OVER 30 products to expend the revenue in your business.

Super Sales – SALES is mandatory for every business owner. Improve YOUR skills NOW.

Contains Video and tips on selling as well as creating YOUR OWN sales team for those of you scared of sales.

Social Media Marketing Mojo – THE guide on mastering social media through consistency.

These 12 videos and 12 month planning guide give you the goods so that you NEVER have to struggle with creating content on social media again; and consistency = cash!

Fight FEAR and WIN – FEAR is the ultimate THIEF when it comes to living your best life. Stop it NOW!

Contains video and journal exercises to help you get to the ROOT of your fear and cut it out!



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