Stop Missing Money on Taxes 100k Taxes

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STOP Missing Money…On your Income Taxes!

Why do YOU need this session?

EACH year business owners miss MILLIONS of dollars in tax exemptions by NOT having professional advice!

Yet others face SERIOUS trouble by NOT knowing WHICH exemptions to claim!

Who is this Session for?

This session is GREAT for current business owners…Some of you may NOT even think of what you do as a business

Worship Leaders






Hand Made Product Creators

Multi Level Marketing Product Distributors (Mary Kay, It Works, Scentsy & more)

But WHAT if I don’t have a business?

This session MAY contain the information you need to go ahead and START your business so that you can STOP missing money.

What will I learn?

I USED to think that starting a business would COST me MORE money in taxes because I had to pay taxes on the money I made.

IN FACT, having a business HELPED me reduce my taxes because MANY of the same expenses that I had while working a job were TAX DEDUCTIBLE while I built my business.

AND those of you who are 100% entrepreneurs and reluctant to spend money on business development, marketing, and business education MAY very well change your mind AFTER you have this session!

Tax and Financial Expert Pam Banks of Banks and Banks Financial (My personal tax lady of over 5 years) will join us during this session and share her advice in over 20 years as a tax preparing professional!

Trust me, what you learned in school will NOT help you with next level taxes as you prepare to start your OWN business.

For those of you who need to connect with Pam after the event for personal questions you have an opportunity to reserve your time right now for more than 50% off the normal rate. A 1 on 1 with her AFTER this event will be regular price.

Where will this session take place?

This session will be hosted via a LIVE online video platform called zoom. The app is FREE to download and if you have difficulty connecting during the event, there are even backup phone numbers  included in your event so that you can just DIAL IN!

Trust me JUST one of these deductions is worth $29 and can save YOUR business 1000’s of dollars during the life of your business!

What are you waiting for? Aren’t you ready to STOP missing MONEY and START growing your business today? Register NOW! It is the BEST investment you can make in your LIFE and/or business!

*the information contained within is no substitute for professional advice. Since every tax case is different, please consult YOUR tax professional on the best way to leverage this advice for your personal or business Income Tax Filings.



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