Summer Money for Adults





Summer Money for Adults

LIVE Monday May 29th at 8:30am CST $29

(Yes there WILL be a replay if you cannot make it)


Memorial Day marks the start of Summer! Some people are looking forward to the tropical vacations, summer camps for the kids, and long days of BBQ and Get togethers.

But when I WAS a single mother I was NOT looking forward to higher light and water bills because the kids were out of school, bigger phone bills, and of course higher daycare and summer costs, much less not being able to afford much of a vacation except for maybe a day at a local water park!

BUT you have choices! You have the CHOICE to use your TIME, GIFTS, IDEAS and TALENTS to generate MORE revenue THIS SUMMER!

Join our workshop on Memorial Day, Monday May 29th for only $29 to learn how YOU can creatively generate revenue this summer, but ALSO how you can get your ideas out in front of the people that will say YES to supporting YOUR initiative!

In the past I have given TONS of ideas to help you generate MORE cash. This work shop will offer NEW and creative spins in ADDITION to some FRESH ideas on how to use Social Media to get your idea off the ground QUICKLY so there is NO DELAY in padding YOUR POCKETS!

Don’t let this be the summer of DISCONTENT for you and your family. Invest in LEARNING how to close YOUR financial gaps!

Those who register for this workshop will receive a FREE copy of my ebook SUMMER MONEY so that you can have a reminder YEAR after YEAR on how to jumpstart the cash you need to close your summer gaps.

I will ALSO be hosting a session the SAME day for kids of all ages to get THEM started early generating their OWN back to school cash as opposed to just sitting around playing games and watching tv all summer. Click HERE for the link for the Summer Money for Kids.

If YOU are currently complaining about the status of YOUR bank account, stop complaining unless YOU are ready to DO SOMETHING about it.

Sign up NOW and don’t forget you will also receive a copy of the ebook in about 2 weeks so that you can pass this information on (within your family) for years to come!



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